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DIARX for iPhone

DIARX is a mobile app for those treating minor or major medical conditions with pharmaceutical drugs. For many supported kinds of medication, DIARX uses a curated database of pharmacokinetic data to deliver powerful insights to patients in order to assist their recovery and save lives.


When taking a pill or receiving an injection, users can add the dose to DIARX. They are shown a chart displaying how the medication will affect their body, including how long until it starts and stops taking effect, how the strength of effects will change over time, and estimates for the amount of medication in their bloodstream.


Since users use the app every time they take their medication, DIARX can use this information to provide additional insight showing how their usage might have changed over time. Users can see on what days they consumed the most and least of a certain drug as well as the days on which they consumed the most and least overall.


DIARX can calculate equivalencies for over 25 supported drugs of the benzodiazepine and CNS stimulant classes, and visually display them in an easy-to-comprehend chart, allowing users to see on which days they used too much or too little of a drug class.


DIARX introduces revolutionary features that will forever change how users manage their treatment, including PDF Export for Doctors, enhanced medication guides, interaction warnings, Virtual Medicine Cabinet and personalized plasma charts. We can't wait to have you try them.

Public Beta Coming Soon

Contact us if you're interested in joining the private DIARX beta program on TestFlight.

About Us

KJC Medical is the team working hard to bring the DIARX app to your phone.

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